Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Meet Odda, our new house kitten. Why I decide that one wonderful cat isn't enough is beyond me. I so enjoy my dear Tabby that I thought two would be double the fun. Um, yah. So much for that. Ok so I am sorta' kidding. She is a lovely kitten and is getting the routine down pretty good, ie: no playing all night long. She has decided her place is between hubby and I in the bed. I have rolled over on top of her and she doesn't move. I feel for what I am on and here it is the darn cat! Yes, she is something else.

Tabby can't quite get used to her though. Oh, it is much better than it was and Tabby will even now tolerate Odda sleeping on the same piece of furniture. But sometimes out of the blue Tabby will take Odda out for no reason I can see. I am sure Tabs has her reason though.

Well tonight Odda decided she wanted to go outside. When she went out it was 40. She disappeared around the corner of the house. Now it is getting late, winds have picked up so much I think my windows will blow in on some gusts, it is sleeting icy pellets and no Odda to be found.

I called the here kitty kitty to no reply. But suddenly there she was, climbing the living room window screen yowling up a storm "LET ME IN!!". I had hubby shine a light out so I wouldn't break my neck. She decided she needed to hide but a minute or so later came out and was rescued.

I bet she sleeps real good tonight and now I can too!

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