Sunday, March 15, 2009

Harbinger of Spring

Ah, I know Spring has sprung when I hear Mr. Cardinal singing his song. He doesn't nest around here that I know of but every spring he takes his place in several of the trees and sings his heart out for his beloved. I thought perhaps having a sunflower seed feeder helped draw him in this year but then thought again...he always shows up in Spring.

I took my bike for its first ride of the year. Not far, just to the end of the road and back since the roads are soft, the tires need air and my butt needs to adjust once again to the seat. Now that it is lighter perhaps I'll start riding it to church rather than go to my usual church 1/2 hour away. We will see how the weather holds. It can be quite fickle until mid-June.

Afterwards the dogs and I took a walk through the southeast pasture. It is hilly from glacier deposits eons ago. We live right on the edge of where the glaciers stopped and along the edge of the statewide Ice Age Trail. I love traipsing the hills because it reminds me of home.. It is otherwise so flat and open here. It took me awhile to get used to it, especially when storms came.

This is our road looking towards our driveway by the row of pines. That is my older dog, Tex waiting for me. The younger one is in the lower left hand corner of the photo. He thinks he needs to walk behind me all the time.

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