Saturday, March 14, 2009


I took this photo tonight. I just really like the colors in it cast from the setting sun.

This morning I had my old mail route again. I zipped through it but my car was running hot so rather than go to the tack swap as planned I ended up coming home in hopes of finding some antifreeze. With three "men" here though chances are slim and I was right. So dh ran to get some and in the meantime it took him an hour so that shot my plans for the swap.

I played online a bit, started a facebook page for my model horse hobby since everyone else was. Why not. See what comes of it. I then went out to see my ponies and discovered little stinker Spotz the calf has messed my fence up again so it is shorting out. That little stinker. Dh says she was in there this morning. She and my two foals have a love affair going on and I wish they could play but my stallion doesn't like cows and chases them off. Meanwhile dh didn't fix the fence nor tell me about it. That makes me nuts as he does it all the time. If I don't check it daily all it takes is a few hours for it to be torn down and a lot of frustration to put it back up when just untwisting some wires could have prevented the problem in the first place. But husband wasn't raised with a farm ethic as I was and it shows. Don't tell him that though. He thinks he's the bomb when it comes to farming (gag).

So that wasted my grooming time and it was getting dark by the time I got everything back to working. Now while everything is wet is the best time to have the fence working because the animals get zapped good and learn respect real fast. Some day I would like real fences but unless I win the lotto it isn't happening in the near future.

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